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Graeme is a lawyer by background who holds a Diploma of Community Services Alcohol Other Drugs & Mental Health. He is also a recovering alcoholic who has not touched alcohol for 38 years.

His addiction to alcohol saw him destroy his marriage, career and finish up in gaol three times- the last for armed robbery.

In 1982, Graeme was sitting in his prison cell, when he had the thought...

"I can either give up and settle for this being my lot in life, or I could pull myself up."

He decided he did not want to die having never unwrapped whatever unhidden skills or talents he may have, and made the decision to get up and change his life.


In his bestselling book “Never Give Up,” Graeme describes how he built his Mental Toughness Program, which saw him rise from a prison cell in 1982, to sitting in a hotel room in 2000 having a cup of tea with Nelson Mandela, who he brought to Australia.


The ABC’s Australian Story gave Graeme the title of the “Comeback King”


Wanting to know more about substance abuse and addiction Graeme went back to school in 2015 and completed his Diploma in Alcohol, Other Drugs & Mental Health. As part of his studies, he completed 100 hours of practical placement at a traditional Rehab in Melbourne. As he observed their program it became obvious it was a one size fits all model and while it worked for some it did not work for others.

This sparked an interest in finding out more about the recovery industry. Graeme had been coaching and working with people who had substance abuse issues for 15 years and what he had learned from these clients cemented in his thinking there had to be a better way.

For the next 12 months he embarked on a rigorous and detailed research of “Rehabs” in the United States where there are in excess of 13,000, the vast majority of these facilities employ the “Therapeutic Community Model” using variations of the “The 12 Step Facilitation Program.”

Graeme’s research revealed a number of issues with this model but in particular he found it did not cater for the person who had substance abuse issues, did not need a medical detox and either did not need or did not have the time to complete a residential stay of 30 plus days.

With over 25 years experience in writing and delivering training programs, plus 15 years of working with and coaching people with substance abuse and addiction issues, Graeme set about designing a program for this segment of the market.


And so 'Reset My Future' was born.

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